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Who am I?

September 28, 2011

Given that I have been running this blog for a whopping eleven days, I do find it difficult to definitively determine its personality. I think it is important to have a preconceived concept of the personality you would like to use when embarking on social media; however, I also appreciate being open to allow for some natural personality traits to develop.

The benefit of having some clarity around your blog’s personality is that it gives the reader an idea of what to expect from your brand.

My goal for this blog is to use a more expert personality, especially when previewing or reviewing arts events. So far, though, I would say that the personality skews towards the social and semi-personal side of things. I suppose this makes sense as I slowly reveal myself to the public with each post. It is also important to me that this blog take on a caring personality – one that is supportive of the performing arts and the challenges the industry faces.

I am fond of the personality of local arts publicist and social media whiz, Rebecca Coleman’s blog. I find that her blog’s personality is a combination of expert, social, personal and above all I find her writing style to be very honest and real.

I look forward to seeing how the personality of this blog takes shape over the course of this class and beyond!


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