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Everyone’s a critic

October 9, 2011

Lately I have become increasingly concerned about the level of engagement on the Facebook page of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. This is likely related to the Social Media for Marketing course that I have recently been taking. As my level of understanding grows, so does my concern for our existing SM structure!

Here is some basic quantitative data from the Chan Centre’s Facebook fan page:
636 overall page likes
Only 15 likes and one comment post in the past month

Qualitatively speaking, I can tell that some of the comment likes are coming from friends/family/co-workers which means our numbers of engagement with actual ticket-buying patrons is even lower than it appears. I would like to focus our efforts in order to increase our engagement with our audiences over the next 6-8 months. An initial goal would be to increase the number of overall page likes to 1,000 and to increase comments to 25 per month.

In order to drive engagement on the Facebook page, the Ticket Office sellers will give out a small flyer to anyone who purchases tickets to a concert at the Chan Centre within the next six months. The flyer will read something along the lines of: “Win a $250 Ticketmaster gift card! Post a mini concert review on and be automatically entered to win. Deadline to enter: June 30, 2012.”

We will also promote the contest through ads in our programs, stories in our e-newsletters and tweets on Twitter.

This contest will then be measured against the initial goals set out and then modified in order to continue encourgaging higher levels of engagement on the Facebook page.


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  1. Hello AIR,
    Your honest review about the FB page you maintain for the Chan Ceter is primarily what most small & meduim businesses need to consider when launching their social media campagin. The contest that you have suggested should increase the traffic to your FB page, and increase 2-way communications when asking patrons to review and comment on a specific concert. To top it off, you are offering them $250 ticketmaster GC!!! Sign me up…as a concert lover myself…I will keep my eyes posted on your FB site to see when this campaign kicks off! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Michelle! I am looking forward to launching this campaign very soon.

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