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Tracking the Chan Centre

November 19, 2011

For this week’s assignment, I am looking at several different free web tracking tools using the keyword search “Chan Centre.” The three tools I have looked into so far are: Tattler, Surchur, and Monitter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far with Tattler. I signed up to be notified when Tattler would be available to me – this involved providing my full name, occupation details, and a brief synopsis as to why I would like to use Tattler and what I plan to do with the information. I found this rather invasive, but decided to fill out the form anyways. I still haven’t heard back from Tattler after several hours, so there isn’t much I can say for the quality of this app.

Surchur provides an interesting and, especially when compared to Tattler, extremely easy to use tool. You simply surf onto the page, type in your keyword and hit “Go.” The site then brings up a dashboard full of  information ranging from News items, Search Engines, Blog items, Microblogging items, Discussions, Wikipedia, Video, Flickr/Photo items, etc. The site isn’t terribly glamourous – the layout is simple and divided into different frames – and it is borderline spammy-looking with all the ads on the page. For the most part, the information is expansive and fairly useful but there are some out-of-date and incorrect items that appear on the dashboard.

Monitter is also a fairly easy-to-use tracking tool without the ugliness of the layout and ads on Surchur. The downside, though, is the keyword searches are limited to Twitter only. However, the site provides much more information on tweets as it pulls more than the six that appeared on the Surchur dashboard. Here are some of the tweets about the Chan Centre from Monitter:

#1) RT @Ryan_Noakes: #UBC #SymphonicWinds #ReadingSession this Monday, 3 pm, Chan Centre. #NewMusic vanpromusica  14:58web

#2) The Vancouver Chamber Choir, w/the Vancouver Chamber Ensemble TONIGHT @ The Chan Centre <– pls check upcoming events! LiveVan  14:30

#3) Off to see Larry Nickel’s Requiem for Peace at the Chan Centre 8pm w. Vancouver Chamber Choir neilmusic  13:08

#4) View from the top of the Chan Centre #tedxvan2011 | Flickr – Photo Sharing! (via @JohnBiehler)TM_Image  3:56TweetMeme

#5) Amazing concert by @ubc Chan Centre by Concert Winds – in awe of my son’s musicianship #ubc #music leodesousa  20:41

#6) Watching Two Merchants with Kelsey. I love Telus Studio Theatre. Perhaps more than Chan Centre itself… @alyssa_jayne will not be proud 😛 NegAmiri  19:31

#7) RT @Hermida: Coming up Sunday Nov 20: @EthanZ at the UBC Chan Centre talk, “Cute Cats and the Arab Spring” faridrohani  14:06

#8) #VancouverChamberChoir is performing “Requiem for Peace” at the Chan Centre tomorrow! Go see it and then come see hiroshima at MOA! MOA_UBC  10:46

#9) The majestic ceiling of the Chan Centre (during @billmckibben‘s fantastic climate change talk)  jodyjwright  12:42

#10) RT @UBC_Arts: Two Merchants, a modern twist on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, is playing at the Chan Centre till Nov. 19. ArtsISIT_UBC  8:41

The tweets about “Chan Centre” that appeared on Monitter (and Surchur, for that matter) showcase the breadth of activity going on at the Chan Centre each week as well as highlighting the beauty of the venue itself. The tweets listed above are recent – having come in within the last few days, if not hours. The events listed range from student performances such as Theatre at UBC’s Two Merchants and the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble to the TEDx event last Saturday and the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s Requiem for Peace concert tonight. In addition, there a few mentions about how much people like the building (the Telus Studio Theatre is one of the three venues located inside the Chan Centre) and a link to a cool photo taken by @johnbiehler during TEDx. Based on this tracking, I would say that the Chan Centre is a busy and popular venue in Vancouver’s arts and academic scene. The tone of the tweets are all positive, however, it isn’t a thorough gauge since it only goes back over the last day or so.


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  1. I enjoyed your thoughts on the various tools. I thought that the application process for Tattler was rather unnecessary also – I get that they want to see who wants to use their app and why, but it made me not really care to receive the “invite”!

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